The Garden in Spring

Garden in spring at Eagle House bed and Breakfast

The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming and the fruit plants are starting to blossom. Spring is a time for new beginnings and optimism.  At Eagle House, Andy and I have spent the beginning of the year getting the garden ready to receive and entice visitors to our Bed and Breakfast in the spring.

We have added raspberry canes and fruit bushes and it has been wonderful to watch all the spring bulbs planted in the winter push up their heads and bloom. They have added a lovely splash of colour all over the garden.   Apple, pear, cherry and plum trees have also been planted but it will take a few years for them to bear fruit.

We have repainted the elegant white metal gazebo and planted strawberry plants around it.  I am really excited to turn my fruit harvest into jam for our guests later in the year!

Our garden furniture also got a sprucing up as did our decking area. We have new trellis fencing that will support all sorts of climbing plants. The plants were bought from our local plant nursery, P & M Edwards at Johnson Hall, which is less than ten minutes’ walk from the house and also serves lovely coffee and cake.

We have chosen to paint all the trellis and some fences in black to match the striking black painted bricks of the house.

The garden at Eagle House is beautiful and it’s a place where you can go to relax, enjoy the fresh air and take in the views of the surrounding countryside.  As the days grow longer, it becomes easier to spend more time outside.  The terrace has been tidied, the cushions washed and we are ready for our guests to sit outside and admire nature’s hard work! 


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