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Sustainability statement

At Eagle House, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to work toward a sustainable future. We are dedicated to doing all we can to protect our planet for future generations.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

To limit waste, Eagle House provides guests with multi-use toiletries. Where possible, these are provided in refillable containers. Reusable black cloth flannels are also provided for makeup removal.

Where practicable, we locally source all of our products and collect them in reusable packaging.  There is no single-use packaging associated with any of our meat products.  We also endeavour not to use fruit and vegetables which use single-use packing. However, this is not always possible.

A lot of the furniture and decoration in the house is pre owned.  Where possible, we avoid buying new products.  This helps us limit our carbon footprint and means that the items we buy are in keeping with the house.

Guests are provided with milk and water in their room in reusable glass bottles.

Although we try our best to limit our waste, it is not always possible to eliminate it.  Where packaging is used we will always attempt to make sure it is recyclable.  We recycle all of the glass, cans, paper, cardboard and recyclable plastics (including some soft plastics) we use.

Helen regularly litter picks in the local area.

Tomato's growing in the Eagle House Vegetable Garden
Tomato’s growing in the Eagle House Vegetable Garden


Minimising food miles has had a significant impact on our menu and our choices of suppliers.  Where reasonably practicable we source all of our ingredients locally.  As you approach Eagle House, you will pass our vegetable patch as well as several fruit trees and bushes. Produce from our garden is used whenever it is in season and available.

It has been shown that vegetarian and vegan diets tend to have far lower carbon, water and ecological footprints than those of meat eaters.  We aim to support all of our guests in making sustainable choices and offer a dedicated vegetarian and vegan menu.

We believe that food provenance is particularly important for animal products and all of our meat is reared within five miles of Eccleshall.

Cyclist in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Stafford

Sustainable transport

We support environmental, sustainable transport by providing local public transport information to our guests.

Bicycle storage is also available at Eagle House.

Electric Vehicle charger

For information about using our Electric Vehicle charger during your stay, please click here

Water conservation

We encourage our guests to take sustainability into their own hands through both energy and water conservation. Linens and towels are changed on request.  This helps us to reduce the energy and water necessary for laundry.

Energy conservation

We use energy-efficient LED light bulbs throughout the building.  Outdoor lights are on timers and indoor lighting is kept to a minimum at night.  The building is separated into several zones, each with its own thermostat

We use a zero carbon electricity tariff. 75% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources, significantly above the national average of 40%. The remaining carbon footprint is offset by our energy supplier. Our supplier also offsets the carbon footprint associated with our gas usage by supporting carbon emission reduction products in the developing world.

To limit our energy use we have recently (2023) upgraded our loft insulation. Roof spaces are now lined with glass wool insulation in excess of the current building regulations recommend depth of 270mm.

Shop Local

As a small business we understand the importance of supporting other local independant retailers. We are proud to work with the following suppliers.

Mr Jim’s

Jim Jamieson from Mr Jim's Eccleshall

We often purchase our fruit and vegetables from Mr Jim’s. Based a few minutes stroll down the hill from us, we are always guarenteed quality produce in minimum packaging.

Much of Mr Jim’s wares are grown in the local area, reducing food miles and ensuring the freshest of food.

Perrys of Eccleshall

Our local award-winning Master Butcher guarantees that their animal produce is reared within five miles of Eccleshall.

Our guests often complement the quality and taste of their bacon and sausages served in our breakfasts.

Courtyard Coffee Roasters

Our guests love David’s “Eagle House Breakfast Blend”. Specially made just for us, it is an excellant all day drinking blend. Rich and sweet with a satisfying hit. David has a vast knowledge of coffee and we enjoy chatting to him in his shop in the village centre and learning all about the various processes involved.