Type 2 Electric car (EV) charger

Electric car Charger

At Eagle House we have one Electric Car Charger, or Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC), which is available for our guests. It can be used by guests staying in both our Bed and Breakfast rooms or the Eagle’s Nest Apartment.

We are very proud to be the first accommodation provider in the local area to provide this facility to guests.

If you would like to utilize the charger during your stay with us, please contact us to confirm its availability and secure an overnight slot prior to booking your stay.

Use of the charger is priced at 40p per kW/h.

Vehicle Compatibility

Ohme home pro will charge all mainstream electric vehicles that use Type 2 connectors.

Our Fast Charger is a 7.5 kW Ohme home pro and it has a Type 2 charger plug. The estimated time for a full charge is four to eight hours. The cable is tethered which means it cannot be removed. Further information about the specifications can be found here.

Type 2 Electric car (EV) charger
Type 2 charger plug – Please confirm that your car is compatible with our charger before booking.
Electric Car Charger (EVC) at Eagle House Eccleshall


At Eagle House, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to work toward a sustainable future. We are dedicated to doing all we can to protect our planet for future generations.

We use a zero carbon electricity tariff. 75% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources, significantly above the national average of 40%. The remaining carbon footprint is offset by our energy supplier. More information about our sustainability practices can be found here.

Benefits of electric cars

  • Cleaner environment. One of the biggest advantages of driving EVs is the impact on our environment.  EVs have no exhaust, which reduces local air pollution particularly in congested cities.
  • No congestion charge. Some areas are introducing Clean Air Zones with fees designed to discourage polluting vehicles from entering certain areas. A key benefit of an electric car is being exempt from these charges.
  • Lower running costs. On average, an electric car costs less than petrol and diesel vehicles to run.
  • Reduced noise pollution. EVs are much quieter than petrol and diesel vehicles.
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