A day out at Stafford Castle

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View of Stafford Castle

Stafford Castle is an impressive medieval a stone fortress based on the motte and bailey system, located about 20 minutes drive from our Bed and Breakfast and Self Cater Apartment here at Eagle House, Eccleshall.


This strategic high point on the landscape, covering over 26 acres, was first occupied by the Normans, who built a wooden fortress here around 1100AD. The stone construction was built in the mid 14th century by the first Earl of Stafford.

However, by the 17th century, it had fallen into disrepair and was ordered to be demolished by the English Civil War Parliamentarians.

It was rebuilt and abandoned several times in the 18th and 19th centuries and was finally left for good in the 1950’s. Several decades later, an archaeological team took over the site, revealing the castle’s chequered history.


We spent a few hours in the summer visiting Stafford castle, with teenage children. It is definitely a dry weather activity as it is mostly outdoors. There is a fairly small visitors centre, that you could shelter from the weather in, if needed.

There is no cafe but you can buy cold drinks and snacks in the visitors centre.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and overall we were impressed with the attraction. Considering it is completely free. Parking, right outside the visitors centre, is also free.

The kids enjoyed running around the castle and woodlands and exploring the area. It would make a great place to take a picnic and has impressive views of the Staffordshire countryside. There are also information boards around the castle ruins.

The children also enjoyed dressing up in the visitors centre, trying on different helmets, armour and chain mail. There were interesting displays about the history of the castle and various artefacts that had been found.

A small herb garden was also by the side of the visitors centre, that you could wander round.

Several times a year, special events, such as re-enactments are held at the castle.

It’s well worth a visit to this attraction, on a nice day.

locking swords at Stafford castle


Although the Visitor Centre is fully wheelchair accessible, there is a steep hill leading up to the Castle Keep. It may be a bit challenging for some walking and although the path is a good surface, pushing a wheel chair up it may not be for everyone.

More information on accessibility and other castle information can be found on the Stafford Borough Council website.

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